Peaches and Creme Crescents

Peaches and Creme Crescents

Peaches are hands down my favorite fruit. They are tender and sweet and FUZZY! I wish I could have fresh peaches all year round but I can’t stand the idea of eating canned fruit. However, my husband and I recently found some new glass jarred fruits in our grocery store and I was amazed at how fresh they tasted. I just had to make something with them! So I pulled a few things from our fridge and came up with these.

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Red Velvet Oreo Brownies!

Red Velvet Oreo Brownies!

Even though they’re made from a boxed cake mix this sinfully delicious treat has the buttery texture of a to-die-for brownie. Whatever you want to call them they are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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Vegan Baked Apples Recipe

Vegan Baked Apples Recipe

My sister is a hardcore vegan. In fact, she just finished a fast where she drank nothing but salt water to detox her system. Even though her diet may come off as complicated, as an ex-vegetarian I completely understand where she is coming from and I find inspiration in her diet restrictions to make creative dishes our whole family can enjoy. This one, however, was a delicious snack my husband came up with!

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