Not Your Typical Birth Plan

Not Your Typical Birth Plan

I have never written a birth plan. How can you even do such a thing when birth is so unpredictable!? I mean, even when I HAD a plan, things never went the way I expected them to, so I always kind of felt that moms who wrote birth plans and passed them out as they were wheeled into the L&D just felt the need to have control over every. little. thing.

But now I’m writing one.

Why a change of heart? Well, after four very different births, none of them anything like what I had envisioned, I am tired of feeling out of control when I’m wheeled into the L&D.  So, to those moms who have a binder of requests, I feel you. I feel you so much.

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Hospital “Essentials” You Probably Don’t Need

Hospital "Essentials" You Probably Don't Need

As a mom to four monsters, with another trying to make an early appearance, I’ve had my share of experiences in the L&D. For my first, I followed pretty much every generic hospital list you find on the web. I ended up not using half of it and leaving with even more. Baby number two was a little bit better, but I was still worried about not being prepared. I don’t even remember who packed a bag for baby number three, who was supposed to be a home birth but after 36 hours of labor I ended up at a  nearby hospital. Baby number four was an emergency c-section so I was totally unprepared for her. Now with baby number five on the way I am determined to get it just right!

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Family Chore Chart-Printable

Family Chore Chart-Printable

Living with 9 other people can be just a little crazy. Just a little. A few days will go by and before we know it we’re bickering at each other about who took the trash out last and whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher. And when you live with this many people arguing just isn’t an option.

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The Family Schedule-Free Printable Template

Free Printable Family Schedule Template

“I’m not busy… a woman with three children under the age of 10 wouldn’t think my schedule looked so busy.” -Garrison Keillor

I have found that with four children it has become harder and harder every day to keep track of who had a bath last, when the next Den Meeting is or what time Mini Monster is supposed to eat. And although my husband may think creating a family schedule is pointless for us because it is bound to change on a day-t0-day basis I cannot express how happy putting this together made me! It was wonderful to see it all laid out (does that make me weird?)

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End the Morning Chaos!

Morning Routine Charts Free Printables

This is how our mornings used to go:

I would wake up about a hour before Big Monster had to be at the bus stop. Then I would wake him up, trying not to wake up the other two Monsters, but I would fail miserably at that. The next 45 minutes would be spent with me trying to figure out what we were going to eat for breakfast while little Monster and Baby Monster scrambled around me. Big Monster would go back and forth between complaining to me that he couldn’t find clothes (which we fixed by implementing our new laundry plan) or that he didn’t know what he was supposed to do next. Most mornings we barely made out of the house on time.

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Easy Ways for Kids To Help Put Away Laundry

Easy Ways for Kids To Help Put Away Laundry | The Sometimes Chaotic

Laundry is one of the most hated chores in my house. Not washing or drying it  (because that part is easy), but the meticulous folding, separating and then the dreadful act of having to actually sort through the clothes and put them away. I would literally have three or four loads of laundry piled into baskets in our room before I would finally hunker down on my bed, surrounded by a mountain of clothes, to fold them. Then one day I sat in bed, staring at a basket of folded clothes and thought, “Why aren’t my kids putting away their own clothes?”

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Busy Mom’s Workout: 10 Exercises You Can Do in the Shower


The bathroom is about the only place I am allowed to be alone. Actually, half the time I’m in the bathroom I’m barged in by a toddler who thinks it’s the coolest room in the house or my four year old who is finishing up potty training, so the bathroom is sometimes where I’m allowed to be alone. I treasure the glorious 30 minutes I get to be in the shower by myself. In fact, I’ve even joked on my instagram about how I’ve found myself hiding out in the bathroom before my showers with my coffee and my phone so I can browse Pinterest.

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