Improvised Juice Pulp Strawberry Beet Jelly/Preserves


After juicing my beets and strawberries yesterday I had almost 2 cups of beet/strawberry pulp leftovers. The texture and color was magnificent and since I’m quite a fan of jellies and jams that have seeds in them I decided to create a delicious preserve out of my pulp!

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Adventures in Juicing

Adventures in Juicing: How to Use and Get the Most Out of Your Juice

If you really love those juice blend drinks in your grocer’s fridge, then you’ll love the product of juicing. Ever since my sister and her boyfriend introduced us to juicing (by putting an entire watermelon through a juicer) I have wanted to try my own hand at it. I mean, what a better way to get veggies into your diet than by disguising them in juice!? Plus, I’ve had this weird relationship with beets and had this strange temptation to juice them. Probably because of their gorgeous reddish-purple color. My mother has had this nice Bella juicer sitting on her kitchen counter for probably close to a year and she’s only used it a few times, so I decided to finally indulge myself, buy some beets and get to juicing!

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