07272012 0092It’s hard to believe, but that blue haired girl on the left is the Mom to four Monsters. Four!
Yup, that makes us a family of SIX! Well, actually we live with my parents, my sister and her son, so, technically, we’re a family of EIGHT! We are extremely blessed to have so much family surrounding us.







I use nicknames for all the children, so in order for you to know who I’m referring to here is the breakdown of my family:

That’s me above.

IMG_5390Then there is my adoring husband. He lets me spend his money on the projects for this blog. His guitar is the only thing he loves as much as our children.

Then there’s our children. Our oldest is “Big Monster”, then “Little Monster”, “Baby Monster” and “Mini Monster”.  I won’t post pictures here but you may see them in a post from time to time. My nephew is lovingly nicknamed “Cheeky Monster”. I address my sister, mother and stepdad as just that.

Big Monster is seven years old, is in the First Grade and has Sensory Processing Disorder, so you may see me post about that from time to time. He is a very sensitive little guy with a lot of love! He adores Legos and participating in The Boy Scouts.

Our four year old daughter, Little Monster, is a full on drama queen. She gives us daily requests for new Disney Princess items and has been a Daddy’s Girl from the day she was born. She loves dressing up and terrorizing her siblings.

Baby Monster is two years old and a love bug. He wakes up early to come cuddle in bed with Mommy and adores his baby sister. Right now, he’s in a wonderful exploratory stage and tends to get himself in trouble.

Our two month old, Mini Monster, was born eight weeks early. Her birth was a miracle and we are so lucky to be able to hold her every day. You can read about her birth here and catch up on her updates here.


I was inspired by all the other blogging mommas out there and their seemingly super organized lives and money saving routines to try and do the same for my family by taking that inspiration and applying it to our very busy and chaotic lives.


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