Trigger Warnings are a Product of Empathy

Trigger Warnings are a Product of Empathy (and that's ok) by The Sometimes Chaotic

Trigger Warnings are about power. It’s about the presenter handing the power over to the audience. When you refuse to use a simple warning you are subjecting those with mental illness (anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc) to relive their trauma with no empathy for how the audience may be effected, physically and mentally. The presenter is simply refusing to let go of their power.

Would you tell someone who has an allergy just to deal with being exposed to their allergen? Would you tell someone having an asthma attack to just breathe deeper? Would you tell someone who needs eyeglasses just to look harder when their glasses are slapped off their face? That’s the equivalent of being triggered.

It’s a lack of oxygen. It’s your entire body turning against you. It’s fight or flight. Over and over and over and over.

It’s not a stab wound that can be healed. It’s not a broken leg that can be cast. It’s not something that heals with a band aid. It’s a never ending breakout. A reaction to our lives.

So, when you say “Trigger warnings are stupid”, “You kids these days are soft”, “I didn’t need Trigger Warnings”, you are not only being selfish, you are missing the point.

Older Generations did not have trigger warnings because our society does not value mental health. But this generation? We’re facing it. We’re learning more and more about how trauma effects our DNA. We’re trying to get by the best we can to live with the baggage other generations have handed off to us and we are asking for your help.

So, instead of being a complete ass about someone who needs a little more help getting through their life while living with mental illness, how about you try being compassionate and understanding of what we are dealing with. Try being a decent human being.




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