I’m Not a Cat Person

Im Not a Cat Person

I always thought I was a cat person.



I mean, I’ve had a pet cat pretty much my entire life. I can remember when I was in kindergarten a stray cat had kittens under our trailer and we took them in. We named the momma Robin because she was dark with a red belly like the bird. When my parents were going through a divorce, I became super attached to our black cat, Figaro. He was so fat his belly rubbed on the floor when he walked. He didn’t do much but he was intuitive and would always come snuggle when I wasn’t feeling well. I was giving him a bath when he had a heartattack. Then, after a nasty fight with my dad he tried to reconcile by adopting another black cat named Shaft. He quickly became “my cat” and even slept on my head at night.

I do love animals, but I’m just not sure I’m a cat person.

Cats certainly are adorable. They are fluffy and they chase anything that moves and they make really great lap warmers, but they also do some really annoying crap. They push stuff off tables and counters (things that usually break), they throw up all over the place and they tend to do most of their activities in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep. Not to mention most of the cats I’ve had weren’t that social. They usually hide anytime someone started walking towards the room they were in, so we hardly ever saw them unless they were meowing in your face for food.

Okay, so I find cats a bit annoying. But I think dogs are even weirder. I’ve had fewer pet dogs in my life than I’ve had cats. The first pet dog we had was a stray that showed up under our porch. He hid under there for a week before we convinced my dad to let us take care of him. He was a cute yellow lab we named Buddy with the personality of a puppy; even though when he greeted you, with a big leap and wet kisses, he was so big he practically ran you over. His long tail wagged so hard with excitement it stung as it smacked against your leg. Yet, he wasn’t all that smart. Then one day he ran off and we didn’t see him for several weeks until a family friend discovered him laying on the side of the road near our mailbox.



Afterwards, we spent several months trying to talk our parents into letting us have another dog and right before Christmas we found an ad for free Norwegian Elkhound pups. I’d never seen anything so adorable. She was so fluffy and had this curly-q tail like a piglet. We named her Annabelle because there was this cartoon about a Christmas cow on tv and I couldn’t think of anything better. We brought her with us to Christmas dinner at my grandparents complete with a red bow on her collar. She was sweet and lovable, but also not very bright. She had puppies once, but no maternal instincts so none of them made it. After my parents divorce my grandparents took care of her and she lived for several more years.

There, I’ve had two dogs. Both of them weren’t very smart. Other family members have had dogs too though. One of them had gorgeous blue eyes, but, again, didn’t seem all that smart. My grandparents had a beautiful dog that my father grew up with and I absolutely loved a kid. She was very loyal and lovable and probably the only smart dog I’ve known.I’m not saying that all dogs aren’t smart. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that we didn’t train them well, or pay enough attention to them, or buy them enough snacks. I don’t know. I’m not really a dog person either.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved horses. Everything I read dealt with horses. I did all my school papers on horses and what horses ate and how to take care of them. My parents even had pony rides at my 7th birthday. And then in high school I read Gulliver’s Travels and now horses scare me. Not literally, they just kind of freak me out now. My mother loves horses. She rode them as a kid and now is able to ride them again. But I have no desire to mount an animal that could crush me in an instant while looking right through to my soul with it’s big black all-knowing eyes. No thanks. So, I’m not a horse person either.

Birds. My sister had a bird once. My dad built this awesome stand for its cage. It was really nice. The stand, not the bird. The bird was annoying. It just flapped around, squawking, and beating on the cage, which is really sad, but also very loud. My mom had a cockatiel once too, but my husband and I were taking care of it and then one day it died. My grandparents did rescue a baby Robin once that we ended up raising. We even took her on vacation in our camper and fed her worms. She really liked to perch on your shoulder and head. But she grew up and we let her go so she could go do bird stuff. So, no more birds for us.

I’ve never ever owned a reptile or lizard or anything that requires a heat lamp to live. They aren’t cuddly and they eat bugs, so I don’t see the point. So, no reptiles.


The only pet I’ve ever really enjoyed was when I had fish. I had a fish tank of little zanios in junior high but I was cleaning it one day and accidentally killed them all. A little later on I had a really awesome 20 gallon fish tank full of these beautiful goldfish. I bought the tiny ones for less than a dollar and they grew huge. We bought all kinds of plants (real ones) and fun things for them to swim around. Then we went to a pet store and I bought an algae eater that infected my tank and all my fish died. The pet store paid for all the fish, but it was just absolutely devastating that all those fish I raised had died. It was awhile before I decided to get another fish. I bought a little tank for this beautiful red Beta. I moved with him twice and he lived for seven years. He was great.

112008About the time my husband and I got married a friend of ours offered us a cute white kitten. We found out that he had Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and probably wouldn’t live very long but my husband fell in love with him. We named him Catillac and he would cuddle with my husband or sit on his shoulders. This cat wasn’t that annoying. But the FIV caught up with him a few years later. He got really sick and just never recovered and honestly I’ve never witnessed anything as sad as that cat dying in my arms.

And now we have another cat given to us by a friend. A grey kitten with brown eyes and faded stripes on his sides. He jumps on everything. He’s already broken things. He doesn’t even chase bugs. He sleeps all day under the bed and then jumps all over us when we go to sleep. But he’s also very sweet. He lets our two year old pick him up and carry him all over. He might meow once or twice or bat her with his paw but he’s never once clawed her or bit her. He constantly gets stuck in the bed’s box spring of the kids’ bed, but at least he hasn’t thrown up on it. Yet.

Okay, so maybe I am a cat person.


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