Growing Plants with Recycled Materials

Growing Plants with Recycled Materials

My husband and I have become adamant on starting a garden this year. Where we live the natural soil is so full of rocks and boulders that planting directly into the ground would take months of hard prep work and thousands of dollars. So, we’ve been doing research on other ways we can start a garden and grow our own vegetables. The plan is to have enough fruits, vegetables and roots that we should spend significantly less on our grocery bill! And for a family of ten people groceries are a big chunk of our monthly budget!

First we figured out which plants we wanted, then which of those we could start indoors. For instance, I had no idea that broccoli is actually a cool weather plant! My son had received a small “greenhouse” for his birthday and already had plenty of lettuce, some strawberries, baby carrots and bell peppers growing. My husband started growing spinach in a separate container too. So we decided to grow beets (one of my favorites), tomatoes, two types of chives and broccoli in our “new” greenhouses.

Growing Plants with Recycled Materials

At first we were going to plant them in small containers until we could transfer them outside, but we had recently finished off a 12 pack of cupcakes for a celebration and we realized it was perfect for planting! We also had an empty plastic tub from a lettuce/spinach mix.  We took 6 toilet paper tubes, cut them in half and placed them in the container. Then we filled the container with planting soil until the tubes were completely covered.

Growing Plants with Recycled Materials

Then we watered the soil and let it sit. We had to add more soil after the water soaked up so that the paper tubes were covered. Make sure you cover the tubes because any exposed paper will have a tendency to grow mold. (paper+moisture=mold). If you DO see some mold, just put a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide on the affected area.

Growing Plants with Recycled Materials

My husband also had a neat idea to use a craft stick, with inches marked on it, to help us plant the seeds at the right depths.

Growing Plants with Recycled Materials

We placed the seeds on top of the soil and then pushed them down the correct depth with the craft stick. Then we gently covered them with nearby soil and watered them a little more.

Growing Plants with Recycled Materials

Then we closed up the containers and set them by a window with plenty of sun.

It’s been about a week since we did this project and we’re already starting to see some sprouts!


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