Family Chore Chart-Printable

Family Chore Chart-Printable

Living with 9 other people can be just a little crazy. Just a little. A few days will go by and before we know it we’re bickering at each other about who took the trash out last and whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher. And when you live with this many people arguing just isn’t an option.

In order to avoid future chore-related issues I decided to put together a chart and assign chores to every family member. This is the adult version (that sounds dirty, but I promise it isn’t) and I’ll be making a visual chore chart for the kids later.

On the left side I listed several chores that need to be done in common areas we all share. In the second column I’ve listed the days they should be done and who is responsible for them. Most of the chores are divided among different family members so no one is doing the same chore day after day.

For example: When it comes to taking out the recycling, I assigned it so it was taken out every other day by a different person, with my stepdad taking it out the day before it needs to be taken to the curb for pick up.

This way no one is fully responsible for a single chore all the time.

We clean the fridge out weekly (wiping down shelves and cleaning out leftovers) and I’ve divided that between my husband, myself and my sister. The plan is for us to initial on the day it is done so we know it is completed at least once a week. The plan is the same for loading and emptying the dishwasher.

Now everyone is playing their part and, as long as everyone participates equally, there will be no more arguing!

Click HERE to download the PDF printable.

Family Chore Chart-Printable


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