Easy Coffee Filter Stained Glass Window

Easy Coffee Filter Stained Glass Window Craft

Part of our new family schedule includes a time set aside specifically for crafting. If the kids aren’t in the mood for a craft, they can opt to color or read instead, but most days they are very ready to get creative! Yesterday I decided to introduce a new medium to the kids that they hadn’t used yet-watercolors! I was surprised it had taken us so long to use them!

One of my favorite things as a kid was the way water spread out on coffee filters and so I had to grab a pack of those while I was at the store too. When it was time to paint I spread out an old vinyl shower curtain on the floor, gave the kids some paintbrushes and let them go wild! This is a really easy craft to do. Flatten out the filter, get some paint on your brush and paint away! The color spreads as the filter soaks up the water and makes a beautiful, artsy design.

The Monsters used an entire pack of watercolor paints and about a little over a dozen filters and they all had a great time. We set the filters out to dry and when they were done we taped them up on the window so light could shine through them throughout the day. Now we have our very own custom stained glass window!

Easy Coffee Filter Stained Glass Window Craft


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