The Family Schedule-Free Printable Template

Free Printable Family Schedule Template

“I’m not busy… a woman with three children under the age of 10 wouldn’t think my schedule looked so busy.” -Garrison Keillor

I have found that with four children it has become harder and harder every day to keep track of who had a bath last, when the next Den Meeting is or what time Mini Monster is supposed to eat. And although my husband may think creating a family schedule is pointless for us because it is bound to change on a day-t0-day basis I cannot express how happy putting this together made me! It was wonderful to see it all laid out (does that make me weird?)

So, yes, this schedule will most likely change every day, but this is the basis of what our day looks like.

Free Printable Family Schedule Template

I put the times on the left from 5 am until 10 pm. Across the top is everyone’s names and then below I write what each person is doing at that time. I color coded a few things to make it more organized for myself and I included this color coding system on the template. The red blocks are any time I am feeding Mini Monster, green blocks are our meals, blue blocks are for my work times, orange blocks are for Daddy Time and grey blocks are for anytime someone is sleeping or at school.  You can use the format painter in Excel to copy the formats I included on the template to any areas you may need them on your own schedule!

Click here to download the schedule template!

Free Printable Family Schedule Template

I might wake up a little earlier with Mini Monster to feed at 3 am instead of 5 am and so I’ll get an extra hour or two of sleep before I wake up or a Doctor’s appointment may mean rearranging a few things, but now I am clearly able to see how much time I have while Big Monster is in school and what times I can have “alone” to work on my blogs.  It also shows me exactly how much I do everyday! I’m surprised I can fit it all in. Anyways, the point of making the schedule wasn’t to gloat about my SuperMom status, but to set times for everything throughout our day.

I’m a big believer that kids learn through play, so my children get plenty of independent play time where they choose what to do, but then we also have time slots for reading together, for me and Little Monster to do workbooks and then for “Daddy Time”, which is when the kids get to garden with Daddy outside. I’ve allowed a hour in the morning for them to be able to watch tv or play and then another 30 minutes after Big Monster is home from school to watch a little more tv (Big Monster’s choosing). This way I’m also monitoring how much screen time they’re getting. The kids also do a chore or laundry each day and if they don’t get a bath that day then they help clean.

Do you use a schedule to keep your day organized? Is it as complicated as mine or is it simpler? Let me know what you use to keep your family on track!


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