Improvised Juice Pulp Strawberry Beet Jelly/Preserves


After juicing my beets and strawberries yesterday I had almost 2 cups of beet/strawberry pulp leftovers. The texture and color was magnificent and since I’m quite a fan of jellies and jams that have seeds in them I decided to create a delicious preserve out of my pulp!


I’ve never even attempted to make a jelly before, but I did know the basics of making jelly: sugar, fruit and pectin, and I was in luck that I had all three in my pantry.

First I took the pulp and put it into a large plastic bowl and mashed it with a fork to separate any large or hard pieces I didn’t want in my preserves. There really wasn’t that much so that was an easy step. I decided to use honey instead of sugar because, well, I don’t really like refined sugar. You can also use agave or stevia if you prefer those. I added about 1/3 of a cup to my mixture, which is a heck of a lot less than normal jelly recipes call for (I’m sorry, 4 cups of sugar?!). The powdered pectin I had was a large, single packet that was supposed to be used in a 5 qt recipe, which I was not making.. so I improvised and sprinkled in about 3 tablespoons.. then mixed it all up.

Of course, I did this all with no planning or really any prior knowledge of how to make jelly. Now that I’ve done some research I know that I made some mistakes and skipped some steps. It still tastes amazing, but basically, all I did was add a sweetener to my pulp. My kids didn’t complain though! Even my 18 month old was happy to help me devour some flaxseed bread toast topped with my new “jelly”.


What I’ve learned about making jelly:

I also have about 1 1/2 cups of carrot pulp in my freezer that I plan on making carrot bread with, but I found a carrot marmalade recipe that would be worth trying as well. Here are a few other juicer pulp recipes to try out too!


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