Good Cranberry Morning!

So a few weeks ago my mother and stepfather attended an auction nearby where they scooped up a lovely vintage Sunbeam mixer with a juicer attachment. I was going to spruce it up and post it in my Etsy store, but once I tried out the juicer for myself I was completely hooked. Sure, it’s a lot of equipment just to juice a few oranges, but clean up was a breeze and the fresh orange juice was well worth it.


I’ll tell you.. I love juice, but supermarket juices tend to be full of preservatives, added vitamins and overly-acidic. This freshly squeezed orange juice was to-die-for… perfectly sweet and barely acidic at all. Plus, the attachment I had allowed me to weed out the extra pulp, so I was able to save it for baking later (orange glazed cookies here we come!).

With the attachment I was able to juice four large oranges in just a matter of two minutes. The juice actually turned out a little thick since the juicer literally took the oranges down to the rinds so I added a tiny bit of water to it. I decided to whip up a light drink with my brunch and here is what I came up with!


Orange Cranberry Morning

  • 6 oz of freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • 1 oz of cake vodka
  • 1/2 cup of frozen cranberries
  • 1 orange slice

It’s actually around noon here, so you could switch out the vodka for some champagne and have your own twist on a brunch style drink as well! This version was slightly sweet and the cranberries plumped up nicely after a few minutes and I had fun “popping” them in my drink!


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