Photo from Tumblr

Photo from Tumblr

You weren’t here

To see these tears

Or hear my voice

As I whispered


I did see you

With tears on your cheeks

Though you attempted to hide

Tears in your eyes

You couldn’t explain

What you were feeling

You just said

You loved me

Over and over

Gathered me in your arms

And squeezed

I spoke to you

Close in your ear

I would never

Let go

To think of forever with me

When you are upset

I whispered

That I loved you more than life

I told you

You completed me

You were rooted

Deep in my spirit

I couldn’t stop it

If I wanted to

You pulled back

Embraced my face

In your strong hands

And smiled

You looked into my eyes

And then sweetly

Kissed my lips


In that perfect moment

I’m glad

That I can look forward

To crying over you

Because I know

Tears couldn’t be shed

For a better reason

By Jessica McDaniel

Copyright 2011


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