I remember kittens

Love Heals by athos~*

Love Heals by athos~*

And starting school

Family dinners at home

I remember

Carefree dancing

And loving her

I remember moments

Of clarity

Of just being me

Before those memories

Were replaced with

You screaming and her pleading

Behind closed doors

I remember waking up

To cold nights

Scared to get out of bed

Because of what I might see

I remember holding myself

And my little sister

Trying to stay calm

Trying so hard to keep

From breaking down

I remember seven

Finding broken toys

And not recalling how

They were destroyed

I remember her

Lying for us

Scared of what you would do

If you knew the truth

I remember fists

Not at me

But that tormented me

As if they were

I remember being nine

And playing in the backyard

Swinging and water gun fights

Sweet summers covered

In sticky watermelon juice

Being on the edge

If you should snap

Watching what I say

Or where I step

I remember you taking us away

Without telling us where

We were going

I remember

Not having a choice

Of whether I stayed

I remember resenting you for that

I remember 12

Not knowing who I was

And trying desperately to find her

And seeing that she

Was the only one

Who would allow me to discover

Who I was meant to be

I remember 15

Cursing and spit

Being dragged through the snow

On Christmas Eve

I remember pure hatred

How she was everything

I didn’t want in our house

I remember turning 16

You trying to love me

In your own way

And how I didn’t understand it

I remember walking away

And how you chased me down

How you couldn’t just

Let me express my anger

In a way that was healthy

How you couldn’t stand

Not controlling me anymore

I remember being everything

You told me not to be

And how much I enjoyed it

I remember escaping

Every now and then

I remember meeting him

How gorgeous he was

How he didn’t try at all

I remember how

Perfect time was

When he held me

I remember his loving gaze

And the promises he kept

I remember how hard

He tried at everything

I remember

How he helped me

Forget everything

By Jessica McDaniel

Copyright 2010


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